This blog is going to have a look into the types of contracts and their purposes in the creative media industry

What is a contract?

A contract is basically a promise between people. It is a clear understanding, a deal between two or more people or a production organisation to do certain things. Either the people or organisations who agree to do something apart of a contract is called a party.

The agreement, or a contract, outlines what you and the other person/s or organisations have agreed to do. It is a very clear, distinct list of promises that have been made between the parties. The best form of contract is mainly written on paper and is always signed by each side of the party (Arts Law, 2017).

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There are multiple types of contracts that take place:

  1. Entry forms: when you or a group of members enter an exhibition, festival or competition
  2. Consent / Release forms: when you agree that someone has the right to show images of you or your work to the public
  3. Gallery agreements and publishing licences: When showing work in a gallery, or when your work is published to a larger group of people
  4. Funding agreements: when you receive funding from another party
  5. Studio agreements: When you working in a supported studio or a program run by an organisation (Arts Law, 2017)

There are a ridiculous amount of scenarios that can take place when working  in the creative media industry. The type of contract that is made in the field that I am interested in is generally a studio agreements contract. An example of this would be:

An artist is asking for my help to record an album in my studio. I agree to help this artist record his or her album, for a charge of $20 per hour, and a minimum of $200 all up. She agrees to this so we both sign the contract, and then we can begin the process of recording the album in my or my organisations studio.

There are many situations that can expand a contract. In the scenario I put above, if there was a part of the agreement that I make money off when the artist sells the product, I could make a large part of the money that the album sells (I love that film, 2015). Although if the artist makes $0 off the album, I make $0 off the album. This is only the situation if there is an agreement in the contract that regards this.

In my the creative media industry there are many contracts. Though I have not currently done any contracts regarding my work, there is no doubt in the future I will definitely partake in many contracts, apart of my organisation or clients that work for myself.


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