Having my major project due at the end of this week I thought it’d be a good idea to reflect on what has been one of the more interesting EP’s I have created for an artist. Through this process of creating the EP there has been a few bad moments, but all up I am pretty happy with the end result. This blog post will go into depth about everything that has happened during the process of creating the EP for Billy Mcleod, and how the project plan I had in place ended up working.

Firstly I will discuss one of the biggest low points of this project. Originally I was not planning to be working on this project with Billy Mcleod, I was originally using another artist who was keen to record an EP. The original artist ended up having to go to visit his family overseas for a few weeks, so there is no way I would have been able to do this project with him. This left me with negative one and a half weeks to what I should have had to get this project done, and honestly it was extremely stressful at this point. Having to find another artist, a figure out all the drums for the new artists songs was going to be a mission within itself, as I had already done it with the original artist, this was going to be a major issue. Thankfully my good friend Billy told me he’d be more then pleased to work on the project with me. My project plan did not have to change much at all for this, as the project was extremely similar to the one I had with the original artist. Looking back at this it honestly brought out some commitment skills in myself that I had not seen in a while.

With the shortened amount of time to do the project I knew I was going to have to get Billy into the studio as soon as possible. Booking multiple studio sessions at the start, Billy and I had to figure out drum patterns I was going to put over his music. With the guitar and vocals he plays not having extreme patterns, it gave me the opportunity to figure out some pretty basic drums beats/patters that’d suit his music. As this was the case I figured the best way to do this was to record all of Billy’s vocals and guitar first, for all of the songs. This would allow the chance to give myself a few extra sessions to figure out all of the drum patterns. Doing this ended up being the best way to do it, as once it came to recording the drums I was ready. It took two studio sessions to get the drums recorded for the songs. It did take a lot of takes to get them how we wanted, but this was definitely worth as I think we got the best ones possible.

Another large issue that I had with this project was the graphic design student I had working on the EP cover pulling out two weeks before the project was due (everyone pulled out on me in this project). This left me with two weeks to find a graphic design student to do the EP cover for the project. Thankfully this didn’t end up being to big of an issue as I ended up sourcing out a design student to do this online, and now I currently have two designs to choose from, now I just have to decide…

This are the two possible EP covers:


Billy and I are still trying to figure out which ones we want to use for the EP but we will definitely decide by the due date.

Overall this project has had its ups and downs but overall the result is pretty good for the amount of time we ended up having and the amount of people that pulled out on me. Billy and I are very keen to release this EP to the public, and hopefully Billy can gain some recognition for it. If you want to have a look at some of the issues I had when mixing the EP, look at this blog: https://peteminnikinsblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/11/performance-correction-guitar-recordings/